The Check In And Chat Net

Our VHF nets take place every Friday and Sunday at 8 pm Vancouver time on VE7RVF 145.450 MHz -600 t100 and are open to all amateur radio operators.  Our net script can be found here.  We often hang out on the VE7RVF repeater on other evenings, too.  

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Our Story

If you just stumbled upon us, you might be wondering who we are.  Our story isn't very impressive.  When the Covid19 pandemic started, a group of ham radio operators from a Vancouver radio club called Vector decided to start a daily health & welfare net to give people a chance to talk to others at least once a day as they endured the lockdowns.  Well, the lockdowns evolved and so did the net.  It became a check in and chat net.  A place to discuss topics of interest (and sometimes not of interest), and occasionally a place to disagree a bit.  Usually politely.  It stopped being a Vector net and just became a group of hams in the Vancouver area trying to solve the world's problems.  It went from daily to weekly as there just wasn't enough demand for a daily net. We are a bit of a clique, there is no question, but we are not a closed clique.  We would be happy if you would join us.  We enjoy encountering new people.  We don't have a lot of rules.  Try not to curse too much.  Try to be at least somewhat polite.  Try to respect the opinions of others, even if you disagree with them.  If you think you can work within those boundaries, please, use any of the methods outlined above and join one of our nets.  You will be welcomed.